Sunday, February 08, 2015

Puppy News!

Meet our boy, Gryphon!

We are so excited to have "picked-a-puppy"!  It was not an easy process!  They are all too cute.  When we got there, there were two boys and a girl to choose from in this litter.  In my mind, I was looking at the female and trying to decide if she was a good fit for us.  I had it in my head that I wanted a female dog because that's what my family members have usually had, so I am used to females.  However, the female was very blah... she was cute, but didn't show much personality and I was having trouble connecting with her.

We put all three puppies on the floor at the kennel, and the female along with one of her brothers were mostly playing with each other and were hiding under a bench.  They weren't showing much interest in the toys the breeder had around.

Then, this little guy caught our attention.  He was exploring more, and was trying to play with a ball, and he was actually coming over to see us... not just hiding away like his brother and sister.  He had some spunk and energy, and when I bent down to call to the puppies he crawled right up onto my lap.
It felt like "Take me home!  Take me home!"

I picked him up, and he cuddled into my arms, and I said to Mr. Lock -- "What about this guy?!"

He wasn't the original puppy we were looking at, but then he totally chose US.  We are so excited for when we get to bring him home!  We thought it was going to be this weekend, but after a vet visit last Monday (at 8 weeks old), it was discovered that his lower canines are "impinging on his upper palate".  So, he is going to have a dental procedure this Wednesday.  Hopefully it means we get to bring our pup home on Valentine's Day.  What a sweet gift!

P.S. There is a chance his bold personality means we have a bit of a strong-willed and crazy dog coming our way, but we will work hard on training, and love our crazy guy no matter what!

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