Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscar Night 2015!

Today is one of my favourite days -- Oscar, Oscar!

I love watching the Academy Awards, and if you've been reading my blog in the past few years, then you might recall it is a HUGE tradition to watch the show with my family, and bet on the winners!  We all fill out a ballot, and I even have a special folder for keeping past ballots.  I've been a lucky winner before, but this year I'm not so sure how it will go!

I haven't seen that many of the nominated films, unfortunately.  We just haven't been going to the movie theatre as often.  I did see The Imitation Game, which was very good, and Gone Girl, and maybe some of the films nominated for other awards but not Best Picture.

I'm torn for Best Picture between betting on Boyhood or Birdman.  Both seem to be winning at other awards shows, and both have a good shot this year according to the "experts".... I may end up voting for Birdman since it won at a few awards that are usually quite "telling" for who will take home Best Picture at the Oscars.  Boyhood won at the Golden Globes, but Birdman did better at some of the other awards (Screen Actor's Guild, Director's Guild, and Spirit Awards, for example)... bah!  It is tricky this year!  Maybe we'll all be in for a surprise and a completely different nominee will take home the golden statue!

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year, and I think he will put on an excellent performance.  I adored Ellen DeGeneres hosting last year.  I've seen NPH host the Tony Awards, and he does a fabulous job and I love his sense of humour... so I think we'll be in for an entertaining night.

I'm off now to make my Oscar Night Cupcakes (nothing fancy, but it's just tradition that I bring cupcakes over on Oscar Night, haha).  I am really looking forward to another fun night with my family, with our little competition making things a bit more fun. ;-)

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