Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farewell, Recycling Bin...

Today I was at a workshop, so I'm home earlier than usual.  I lucked out and the workshop was held in my home town, so the commute for my work day was incredibly easy.  

Today happens to be garbage/recycling day.  I pull into my driveway only to discover that there is no blue recycling bin there any more.   We had a very windy, snowy day... and I guess it blew away.  I looked up the street, even walked a ways up, but I can't tell if there is any blue bin there that would belong to me instead of the other houses on the street; one doesn't look particularly out of place.

Did I consider writing my address on my recycling bin when we first got it?  I did.  I truly did think of it, said it out loud to Mr. Lock, and then couldn't find a black sharpie at that moment.  I then put out the recycling for two weeks without incident.

Alas, dear free blue bin, we used you three times and then you disappeared.  Nice knowing you.  Now I guess we'll need to go spend money we don't need to spend on another blue bin...

I'm going to find the black sharpie immediately, so I don't forget to write my address on the next one.  (Even then, I wonder how often they actually get returned to you when they blow away?).

Home ownership, amirite?

P.S.  I'm being haunted by a  damaged green bin that was laying on our property when we moved in.  I don't feel it's my job to deal with it, as I had nothing to do with it in the first place, so I passed the buck and put it on our neighbours boulevard (they haven't moved in).  However, with the wind, it has blown back over to my property and now I've gotten so annoyed with it that I've taken it into my garage and I'll figure out a way to dispose of it properly later!  I wonder whose damaged green bin it was to begin with???


  1. Oh, the stories I have of chasing recycling and garbage bins down the street - the best one is when I was pregnant with my first....remind me to tell you sometime!

    YES they will get returned to you if you mark them with your house number (usually) but most importantly, YOU can identify it as well b/c not everyone keeps their bins in the same condition you will! In the summer, this will matter to you!!!

    As far as the damaged green bin - all you have to do is take it to your town's offices and they will replace it for you :) One day, you just might find a good use for a second green bin (ahem - wink - diapers).

    Love you!

  2. I do plan on taking the damaged one in to get a replacement, because why not, right? :) and the blue bins are only 10 bucks, so, it's our rookie mistake to not have marked it right away, but not a costly one. We'll get two for good measure. The thing that baffled me was that it seemed like the recycling guys were just tossing the bins out into the street. It may have just been the wind, but it seemed like an awful lot of them were sitting consistently ~2ft out into the road just 20 or so minutes after they went by, when I left for work. Maybe I'll add ballast to the bottom of the next one.


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