Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Day 2014

Today is a great long weekend in Ontario, "Family Day"... which I often feel is a made-up sort of holiday, but at least it gives us an extra day off work!  Not Mr. Lock, though, who works for the federal government so he has Remembrance Day off instead. 

Today, my Family Day has consisted of my best friends helping me to prepare my wedding invitations, my dad helping us out by painting our basement floor, and my uncle finishing the install of our dishwasher!  That's some form of family time! 

We had a really productive weekend and spent some great time with friends, so I'm feeling a lot better than I was last time I updated the blog.  We were able to hang our drapery rods in the family room and bedroom, and prep our basement for the painting job my dad is doing today -- so the end is in sight for the mess of boxes in our dining area, since we'll soon be able to store them in the basement.  We organized our family room into a much more useful and comfortable space, it has finally come together in a way I like for now. 

My good friend Amanda invited me out to an exercise class yesterday morning that was so much fun, and really helped relieve some of the excess energy and negativity buzzing around in my body!  I'm glad I've joined a gym again, because I do think more regular exercise is what my body needs these days.  Her family also had us over for a very delicious Sunday dinner which was just what we needed.

I feel good about the progress made for the wedding invitations this morning, and when looking at our wedding to do list, it's very manageable.  I need to make a few phone calls to arrange a few appointments (florist, bakery, etc.), but I can do that this week on recess break at school.

Now I can enjoy the Olympics and relax, and go into this week with a much more positive attitude and a lot less exhaustion than last week! 


  1. I'm glad you are starting to feel better :)

  2. Family day, Shmamily day! Who needs it. NOT ME. On the plus side, my commute was fantastic that morning. And your family has been so great, through this whole moving business. All the time, really.


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