Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Washing Machine Repair... that wasn't.

Friday night I took the time to finish almost all of my laundry.  I just had a load of sweaters left to wash, which I like to wash on a delicate cycle rather than actually hand-washing (it works for me!).  Sunday evening, I decided to finish off the load of sweaters.

The washing machine filled up with water.

The washing machine went silent.

Well, nearly silent with just a slight whirring noise.

We move out of this condo in less than two months.  C'mon!

We tried moving around the knobs and seeing if it would start up again, nothing.  We decided to email our landlord because we didn't want to be responsible for causing any MORE damage by playing around with the machine.  We aren't experts on washing machines, after all!

Our landlord (who is fantastic), called a repair company the very next morning.  Today a repair person came.  I told him what happened (the washing machine was still full of water since it hadn't drained -- I had taken out the sweaters and ended up doing the hand-washing I was originally trying to avoid).

He moves the knob, pulls it out to start... and the washing machine just starts working.  Starts making normal sounds, swishing the cold, leftover water around.  Draining the water.  Working like nothing is wrong at all.  C'mon!

We had to have someone come, because it isn't like we'd know what to do and there was no way I wanted to keep playing around with it for risk of flooding our eighth floor condo unit... but anyway.  Murphy's Law, isn't it?  Once the repair person is standing there, the blasted thing of course works.


  1. CRAP! You didn't have to pay for the service call though, did you?

  2. My landlord will pay for it. It wasn't very much, luckily. The guy was able to help us put the front panel back on more tightly (we have a stacked condo-sized washer/dryer, with the control panel in the front middle). Our dryer repair a year ago or so left the panel loose, so it was still worth it sort of for the repair guy to come, haha.


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