Friday, December 20, 2013

Disney's "Savings Mr. Banks" - in theatres today!

A new live action Disney film, Savings Mr. Banks, is in theatres today.  I was fortunate enough to attend an early screening of this movie.  I loved it!

Saving Mr. Banks is based on true events -- it's the story of the woman who wrote the original Mary Poppins books, and her reluctance to sell the book rights to Walt Disney.  Emma Thompson's performance is outstanding as Mrs. Travers, and Tom Hanks is as great as ever in his portrayal of Walt Disney.  The film goes back and forth between a childhood in Australia and the two weeks Mrs. Travers is spending in California trying to be woo'd into giving up the rights to her character.

I highly enjoyed the historical aspects of this film, and some of the "behind the scenes" feeling about a movie I hold dear from childhood (Mary Poppins).  Mary Poppins is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary (the special edition DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack is now available!), so the timing of this film is perfect.

The characters are enthralling, and watching this film makes me want to research even more about the uptight and somewhat traumatized Pamela L. Travers.  Some initial "Googling" is already proving her story to be very intriguing indeed.  I recommend you stay through the credits, as the real recorded voice of Mrs. Travers is played and it just continues to affirm how perfect Emma Thompson played the role!  The actors who played the supporting cast were each outstanding in their own right, as well.

I definitely recommend this film be seen by all -- however, I believe that children may miss the nuances of the story, I would imagine this is best for young adults and older.  If you ever cared for Mary Poppins, then you will really find this history of the film interesting.  There's a chance this could be an Oscar contender, so if you're like me and you try to see as many Oscar nominated films as possible, definitely add Saving Mr. Banks to your must watch list!  Emma Thompson has already been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe - very well-deserved!

Saving Mr. Banks is in theatres everywhere today!

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