Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Low-Key, Productive, Domestic Weekend

Mr. Lock and I have had a very productive weekend.  One of those weekends when you realize you're "such a grown-up now".  It began with meeting up with my parents down town and watching the Toronto Argos play, this was fun and the tickets were freebies because my youngest brother and two of his best friends are Double Blue Crew members (a very cool volunteer job for a fifteen-year-old football fan, working in the Sky Dome doing promo stuff during all Argos home games).  This was a nice way to have a night out, since otherwise our weekend was going to be pretty low-key.

Saturday morning, we took Mr. Lock's car for service and winter tires.  Then, along with his mother, we went to the appliance store where our kitchen appliances are coming from.  When we bought our new home, there was a promo for the fridge, stove, and dishwasher to be included.  We had to go check out the appliances, we decided to upgrade the dishwasher.  It was exciting to get to see what we'll have in our kitchen, they are stainless steel and look pretty nice.  Whirlpool brand, supposed to be energy-efficient.  This is what I think about these days, and I have to say I'm excited for all this "domestic" stuff - not a surprise for anyone who knows me in real life.

Then it was off to IKEA, we had mirror tiles and glass jars to purchase for the centrepieces for our wedding (less than 7 months until the big day!).  Mr. Lock's mother is going to make the centrepieces herself, so we've been gathering together what we need.  This was yet another thing off the wedding To Do list and it felt good to get it done.

Saturday evening, lazy day at home.  We caught up on a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes -- we're still in season two, but made it halfway through the season!  I can see why others found this show so addictive, I feel it now too!

Today, my parents came by in the mid-morning for a cup of coffee and to help us take some bins out of our condo to store at their place until we move.  We've been de-cluttering, and packing up anything we won't need to use over the next three months so that we can a) prepare this small space for new potential renters to come and view it, and b) make moving a bit easier at the end of January.  We're most likely going to have a week where we'll be living back in our parents' homes between the end of our lease in this condo, and when we close on our house on February 7th.

Next, I'm off to run a couple of errands, and then I have my lesson plans and a few activities to prepare for my school week.  It was a relaxing, work around the home, get some necessary errands accomplished kind of a weekend.  As busy as we've been over the past few months (well, since the spring really), this was a nice weekend to have.

Next Saturday we're off to a Beer Pong Tournament*, so at least we're clinging to a few "twentysomethings" activities while we still can. ;-)

*For the record, I'm just an spectator of Beer Pong as I've never enjoyed the taste of beer and I'm assuming I now never will.  I'm also the DD.  I'm pretty much a Mom-without-kids and have been for years, let's call a spade a spade.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    A Beer Pong Tournament?! LOL

    We had a productive weekend here too - I cleaned up a the basement a wee bit and we had two bday parties and my oldest and I went to see the Hello Dolly musical!


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