Wednesday, April 03, 2013

C is for... Curing Cancer

I am so, so pleased that this year I am once again walking for The Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  This charity is to raise funds for cancer research as done by the Campbell Family Institute at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.  This is a top five cancer research centre worldwide, and the event is massive.  The funding goes towards research, clinical enhancements, as well as survivorship programs.  This will be my team's third time walking in four years... last year we missed the event for Quin's wedding day, but made a sizeable donation to another walking team we knew.

Through donations to support our walking team in our past two walks, The Couch Potatoes for the Cure, we have raised over $12,000 for this amazing research centre -- and not only for breast cancer research, but for important gynaecological cancer research as well.  We pledge to walk 35 km in the one-day walk (one year we did the full 60 km two-day walk, but now we're back to one... 35 km is still a good long walk, though!).  We pledge to raise at least $1250 EACH, though of course we will keep adding to our total donations until the big event. 

In 2004, my great-aunt (mom's aunt/grandma's sister) passed away of cancer that began as ovarian cancer before spreading around her body.  We were there for her during her journey and battle, and I have her in my heart whenever I talk about this big charity event, my big fundraising event each year now.

There are a few special links I'd like to share.  I just came across this blog, "The Battle We Didn't Choose", which includes a series of photos of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer five months after getting married, and then who unfortunately passed away four years later.  The photographs are heart-wrenching, I warn you, but there is such good intention behind showing the reality of this horrific disease and the empathy we need to build for families going through these experiences.

There's a wonderful website for ordering fundraising or breast cancer awareness items run by a lady in Toronto, it's called Think Pink Direct.  You can also "like" them on Facebook here.  I ordered a batch of pink ribbons for fundraising this year, and the service was quick and wonderful and very personal.  Randy herself was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer this March and was fortunately able to work with the wonderful doctors at Princess Margaret to have a very successful surgery.  After 10 years (this will be the 11th of the walk), she is now going to be walking as a "survivor".

I am so proud of my team and our work raising money for this research centre, I believe in the good work the doctors at the Princess Margaret Hospital are doing.

If you could be so kind as to donate to our walking team, you can donate online directly to me here: Stephanie's Personal Page

You can donate to another member of my team by selecting any name off of our Team Page, here: Couch Potatoes for the Cure Team Page.


  1. I like events like this, because through this we may encourage every single person to always take good care of themselves and be aware that cancer should never be part of our lives and body. My cancer alternative treatment center appreciates this so much.

  2. It is wonderful to see you put to action what you support...I hope it all goes great! Happy A - Z challenge.


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