Friday, March 22, 2013

A Mish-Mash on a Friday Night

I'm having a lazy Friday night tonight, and I am happy for it!  The first week back to school following March Break was a good one, but I am definitely exhausted!  We've been building bridges out of uncooked spaghetti noodles and white glue to launch our structures unit for science... it made for a messy and hectic week!  Very fun little project, though... for the kids, anyway!

So, tonight, I am planning to just veg out on the couch, drink some tea, watch some old episodes of The Nanny on Netflix... I love re-watching old sitcoms, especially getting to see them in order since I used to just catch random episodes back in the day.  Fran may have a super annoying voice, but darn it... The Nanny is very cute and funny.  I've also been enjoying catching old eps of Boy Meets World off of ABC Spark... not afraid to admit it, I will definitely be watching Girl Meets World when it airs... for the nostalgia!  I am loving how "into it" Ben Savage (Corey) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) are... haha.  I will love Corey and Topanga forever.  Ah, being a child of the 90s.  Loved it.

In other random news, two of my cousins, who are particularly fantastic singers, are auditioning for MuchMusic's Covers contest for 2013.  This is a link to their video, it would be awesome if you'd give it a listen, and then go back and vote for them... you can vote once per day until April 21st.  I'm really quite proud of them!

And then final random thing... which may need to become a post all on its own... is that we emailed Target, which has just started opening stores in Canada, to see if we could potentially set up a donation table outside one of their stores, to raise some money for our upcoming charity walk for The Weekend to End Women's Cancers (a huge charity event for Toronto, for the Princess Margaret Hospital's Campbell Family Institute, a TOP FIVE worldwide research centre).  This sort of thing is called a "tag day" by the charity, and they recommend trying it.  We've bought pre-made pink ribbons and would have some baked goods and pink lemonade available for donations of loose change and such.  Their response was apparently very rude, Quin was the one to receive it.

She said they compared our request to politicians soliciting votes?!?  Something ridiculous... I need to get more details, but to be honest.. I was thinking of visiting a Target this weekend to check out their new Canadian stores... and this has soured that for me.  Even if they don't want "tag days" to happen outside of their stores (places like the LCBO, Walmart, other grocery stores allow them so we just thought we'd ask), they could at least reply respectfully considering we are working to raise money for cancer research for a very legitimate and massive event in Toronto.  Makes me mad when a company can't just speak respectfully back to you, all they had to say was a simple, "Sorry, our policy isn't to allow fundraising at our doors" or something so easy and yet polite.

So, I need a few more details from Quin to hear their whole response, but we are quite upset with Target Canada right now, or at least the person who replied to us who works for them.  It's very discouraging that as a new business in our neighbourhoods, they wouldn't want to build a sense of community through at least respectful communication with their customers!  I for one am not as interested in visiting their new stores as I once thought I was...

Well, have a very nice weekend, everyone!  I'm going to sort a bit of laundry and brew my tea!  Peace and relaxation, and Nanny Fine and Mr. Sheffield, here I come!

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  1. Hope you have a nice weekend, too, and sorry to hear about the response from Target. I hate it when big companies act all rude and bossy when they can as easily be professional and polite.

    Stopping by to welcome you on board the A to Z Challenge April 2013.
    Look forward to your challenge posts!

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z


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