Friday, January 04, 2013

"To Do" in 2013

I'm not good at "resolutions", I always forget them immediately after I write them down!  Ah well.  I am going to set out a bit of a goal list or "to do" list for 2013, though, and see if I remember to keep track of it!  These are in a totally random order, just whatever comes to me as I go along.. so they aren't meant to be chronological, just a free-flow of things I hope to do this year.

1)  Participate again in "The Weekend to End Women's Cancers" 35 km charity walk -- raise at least $2000 for the Campbell Family Institute at the Princess Margaret Hospital (along with whatever my teammate(s) raise!!).  Here is my link for YOU to donate, if you feel so inclined!!  (And I would be so appreciative!).

2)  Participate in City Chase Toronto again -- we missed last year, but had done it two years in a row before that.  I want to register again this year, it was so much fun before and amazing exercise!

3) Secure a permanent teaching position (please, please, please?!  It's all about luck and timing, let this year be my year!).

4) Try to see all of the Academy Award "Best Picture" nominees.  (The nominations aren't announced yet! January 10th, I believe!)

5) Read at least 20 novels.  Last year I read 15, as far as what I kept track of on .  I did actually finish a couple more before 2013, but I forgot to update GoodReads.  I think I made it to 17.  This year, I really want to get through 20 at least!  (I've really reduced my goal from the time I tried to read 100, hahaha).

6) Travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my Sitcom Group of Friends -- this is in the planning stages, most likely will do it in July!  I can't wait to have a road trip together, and show them the place I've vacationed my entire life!  (Ever since my parents bought a condo down there, I've been itching to go back and stay in it!).

7)  26 "Random acts of Kindness". Ann Curry has been promoting this idea, and since I *love* Random Acts of Kindness, I am so in!

8)  Open up an RRSP.  I haven't done this yet, and I know I should.  I do have a TFSA and such, but since I'm only just starting to put savings aside (seeing as how I'm only in my third full year of employment as a teacher, and am still not a permanent teacher) an RRSP just didn't feel possible until now.  I'm planning to do this really, really soon.  Then, keep contributing to my TFSA as well.  I'm hoping to save a lot more this year, so I'm going to be better at budgeting and watching my spending!

9) Cook for Mr. Lock more often -- he's the resident chef in our condo, haha, but I'd like to contribute more in the kitchen.

10) Visit my uncle's new cottage, spend a weekend with him like "old times", take advantage of his open invitation to use the cottage for a weekend getaway with Mr. Lock.

11)  See "The Book of Mormon" when it finally comes to Toronto (if it comes in 2013 as it's supposed to).

I also have an invitation to participate in the CN Tower stair climb in April, but I need to research more about that before I decide if it's on my To Do list. I think it could be a good thing to have on my so-called Bucket List... but I'm undecided how I feel about it as I *hate* heights.  Anyway, it's a "maybe".

So, there we go.  Lots to do this year... what's on your 2013 To Do list?

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  1. Lots of good stuff! Renting our own place is one of them, as well as doubling my earnings. Oh yes, and learning intermediate-level French for when I have to speak with Mat's relatives! Good luck with your resolutions :-) Heather


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