Thursday, January 03, 2013

2 Years

Today marks the two year anniversary of the night Mr. Lock and I went to the movies as friends... ended up being cutesy enough to hold hands, steal some smooches, and then say.. "Well.  Should we give this a try?".

Two years later (oh how time has flown!), we are still going strong.  We have moved in together.  We are respectful and supportive of one another.  We love each other beyond the way we already loved each other as friends of six years.  I am so pleased, so very happy, we "gave this a try".

I love you, Mr. Lock.  Thank you for an amazing two years beyond the Friend Zone, I look forward to many, many more!   Hugs & Kisses!

My anniversary post from last year - "One Year Ago"


  1. Congrats! Mat and I are up and coming on four years on January 20th. Scary stuff! H

  2. Thanks! That's so exciting, four years! Where is the time going?!?! Happy birthday by the way!


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