Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Off

This is the first time I've ever taken a summer completely "off" since being a kid -- or wait, maybe the second time, as I'm not sure what I did my summer between teacher's college and teaching (though I do believe I took a course or two).  I'm not nannying this summer, I'm not taking any major courses... I'm just doing whatever I'd like to do, and am trying to enjoy the freedom.

However, I am so lame at just "enjoying freedom".  Most days, I end up packing up and heading over to my mom's house because there is a pool in their backyard, and then I'm enjoying my freedom but I've still gone somewhere and I am still doing something.  If I hang around in my own place I a) feel bored and unsure what to do, and then b) lament over how what I should do is tidy up and de-clutter (boooo!).  I put so much pressure on myself to have "plans" of some sort (even if I'm just scheduling when I'll grocery shop, but I keep in my head: "and then tomorrow I will grocery shop", etc).  I am just not the type who is particularly good at being okay just sitting around at home -- I actually feel guilty if I don't try to do something productive in the day.

My overall plan though has been to enjoy the month of July, and to try to leave the school planning and such until August.  For the four days following the August long weekend, I am going to be in a summer institute for training related to teaching a 3/4 combined grade class.  Mr. Lock and I will also be going to his parents cottage for a few days in August, but then it will practically be time to go back into the school to set up my classroom.  So, it really isn't a full "summer off", of course, it's mainly just me pushing myself to take a few weeks off without preparing or thinking about next school year.

I think I'll much prefer this "summer off" aspect of my job when I have kids of my own and the freedom is allowing me time to do mom stuff -- for now, as a young gal hanging out here alone while Mr. Lock goes to work... eh.  I just don't know what to do sometimes... and I truly do not feel like house cleaning, haha.

I think I need a hobby!  

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  1. Enjoy your summer off! You never know how many more you'll have :)

    Isn't blogging by the pool your hobby?! LOL


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