Wednesday, July 25, 2012

M.O.H Nightmare!

I have very vivid dreams, and always have.  This morning, I way overslept and then woke up SO GROGGY following a super crazy Maid-of-Honour dream.  In September, one of my BFFs ("Quin") is getting married, and it's my first time as an "M.O.H".  Typically around the beginning of August, I begin to have Back to School Nightmares... but I suppose the wedding has been on my mind instead of back to school!

I just need to write this dream out, because it was just so odd and funny and stressful, and I also think Quin will get a kick out of reading about it.

So, in this dream... we were on our way to the wedding venue, I was being driven there by Quin's parents.  It was around 12 noon or so, and I started to have a panicked feeling just as we arrived at the venue.  I realized that I did not have my dress with me, and that I forgot to pack the right bra or shoes... and I was flustered and was trying to explain that we had to turn around and get my dress.  But then, no one wanted to leave the venue to drive me to get my dress -- and I suddenly remembered that fortunately, my dress was at my mom's place (closer to the wedding than my condo).  However, that still wasn't going to solve the bra or shoes issue!

I was trying to get someone to help me, because the wedding was supposed to be at four... but then Quin's mother was saying, "No, the wedding ceremony is at 2:30, there is NO TIME to get your things, we will have to just move on without them".  Well, easier said than done since I was the MAID OF HONOUR!  No DRESS?!  No SHOES?!  No strapless BRA?!  (I was of course wearing some extremely inappropriate pink-strapped bra that would have been very gaudy even if my mom did bring my dress in time!).

THEN, I also realized that my hair wasn't done and that I didn't have any make-up on.  And time was speeding up and the other bridesmaids were all ready to go.  My hair was pulled back in a messy bun with my bangs back in a bobby pin... typically, my "cottage hair", haha.  I was devestated and was begging the other bridesmaids to at least put on a hair straightener for me!

The dream suddenly sped ahead, and we were at the reception (ahh, dreams, so cray-cray).  It was then, me in my dress (I guess my mom got it to me?), slightly messy but straightened out hair, no make-up and no shoes (lol, yipes!) that Quin's mom was saying things like, "Well, I think that went just fine.  There's not really any reason to do this again in September.  August 5th is a perfectly fine anniversary date."

SO... turns out all the panic was for some sort of very elaborate REHEARSAL dinner... over a month before the wedding (wut?!)... and then Quin was trying to convince her mom that no, they couldn't cancel the September wedding because there were many guests who were coming then that were not able to come on August 5th...

And just to add some more absurdity, an educational assistant from my school was there beside Quin, giving her encouraging looks about still having the September wedding.

Thankfully... I woke up.  But talk about STRESSFUL!  So, Quin, that dream has now guaranteed that when your wedding day finally arrives I will a) make sure my hair is done (appointment is already made, haha), b) have each and every piece of my outfit there.  There's no way I'm going to forget the stress of "not being ready" for my M.O.H duties!

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  1. Hahaha! I'm totally picturing you showing up looking like some sort of feral child. Funny timing...I met the officiant yesterday and wanted the names of the MOH and BM (as she will find you to give you the lowdown prior to the ceremony) and I was all "oh don't worry, she's very organized!"


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