Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Latest Reading Obsession

Mr. Lock's mom and I like to share books.  We should just form a true book club, honestly.  She recently began to loan me the first few books in a series she read awhile back, a series that consists (so far) of seven books.  She just expected me to give them a try... but frankly... I am IN LOVE with these books now!  I'm about half-way through the third story.

They are the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon.  They are sort of sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, mystery,    sex, intrigue, hard-to-identify-exactly-what-genre.  Even Gabaldon herself says she has trouble identify which genre she's writing!  I was gripped really early on in the first book, and have been zipping through them as fast as you can zip through 700+ page books.  The series is not "new", seeing as they are already seven published novels... with an eighth expected to come out in 2013... but they are new to me and I really love them!

The main characters are Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser.  They have a love story that I'm hooked on.  Let's just say there's some time travelling, and then an intense war in the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century, more time travel... and oh-so-much sexy stuff it'll make you blush if you're the type who does!

With each book the adventure changes, and the time period changes a bit too.  It's really interesting, and I'm eager to see which direction Gabaldon will take her characters next.  It's not a predictable story by any means, and I'm just absolutely gripped.  It probably helps that I love historical fiction, as well.

So, if I'm not around much (and you've probably noticed I've been slacking on the blog, sigh!), it's because I'm dreamily lost in Inverness and Edinburgh in 1766 with my Scottish traitor, Jamie, and his beloved Sassenach Claire.  Sigh!  I love a good love story!

Reading anything good lately?!  I love getting lost in a great book, and if it turns out it's a whole series... all the better!

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