Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Stuff, Hello Internet World Let's Do Bullets!

  • I am still living at my parents house, will be here until late Saturday afternoon methinks!  I do love spending the extra time with my puppy.  I'm also enjoying 3rd Rock from the Sun repeats on TVTropolis.. another channel I do not get with Bell TV's basic package but would with Rogers!  (I will so be switching when I move next).
  • I did go to my condo tonight though, because OVER TWO WEEKS SINCE IT BROKE my dryer was finally repaired!  HOORAY! IT HEATS!  I, fortunately, was able to bring laundry to my parents house and so I didn't suffer too badly (yes, yes, "first world problems").
  • After a fantastically fun Avengers Prequels movie marathon with my friends, I will be missing out on seeing The Avengers on opening weekend... because we cannot find a 2D showing of the film.  I cannot see 3D films properly!!!   I am SO UPSET when movies do not have a 2D option somewhere.  It isn't fair to us 3D impaired!!!  It better be shown in 2D at some point after they make their extra money over opening weekend (I know your SCHEME, Cineplex/Hollywood/Everyone who has more money than I)... otherwise, I'll be waiting for the DVD.  SAD SADNESS!!!  I am NOT the only person I've met who cannot stand 3D (seriously, the glasses do not work over my regular glasses, and the only thing I can do is try to close one eye completely and then I can sort of see the film 2D... not pleasant, and not worth the money so I'm refusing to spend it!).
  • I want to make May 4th fun for my Star Wars loving boys at school.  What can I do to commemorate Star Wars Day with 7- and 8-year-old kids?!  ("May the Fourth Be With You" is what I'm referring to, if you're not sure what the heck I'm talking about!).
  • Life is good, everyone, I'm just a lazy blogger as of late.


  1. Alberta teacher here - what a great idea for the 4th, especially on a friday (which for us is a 1/2 day. Definitely putting that in the notes for next year. We're right in the middle of life cycles so have a lot of fun with alien life cycles.
    I so agree with your comment on 3D. I can see it properly with my coke bottle glasses and the 3d makes me feel ill.
    A big thanks to multi-testing mommy for showing me your blog. Now following!

    1. Oh my gosh, what a lot of typos! I can't see 3d not can. so much for my new laptop. still can't figure out the keyboard

    2. Thanks for commenting! I love meeting other teachers, what grade do you teach? :-)

      Also glad to meet someone who also doesn't see 3D properly! It drives me crazy, with all these movies coming out in 3D. I'm glad they typically also have a 2D option available. The Avengers does seem to have a 2D option now in my local theatres, so I will try to see it this week.

      Glad you've found me! I'm trying to post more frequently, so do hope you'll stick around and keep reading. :-)


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