Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Great Twitter Ham-in-a-Can Incident of 2012

Alright, alright, alright.  So... I did something stupid.  I received a Direct Message from a blogger whom I hardly know, and the message had a link... and frankly, I clicked the link without even thinking about it.  I mean, it seemed legit being that it came from a blogger and said something like, "This user is saying rude things about you".  Well!  That could be REAL in the blogger world.  I was dumb, I was naive, I was in the moment ... and I clicked.

The link did nothing, I closed it.  I wrote back, "The link doesn't work, who is the user who is saying mean things?".  The reply, "That was spam, just delete it".




So... well... whatever.  I didn't know what would happen exactly, and I can only get on Twitter in the evenings for the most part since I don't access the Internet too often at my day job (maybe on a recess or lunch or prep time, but that's about it).  Next thing you know... I have tons and tons of messages, @ replies, texts from personal friends, BBMs.... "CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! YOU ARE SPAMMING ME!".


I now feel super horrible that I wrote back to the first woman who spammed me... because... ohmigod, that was a lot of messages to sort through at once.  Yikes.  But anyway... I got home, I changed my password, I hoped it would all just go away.

Then today, "YOU ARE SPAMMING MEEE".  Eff.

So, I've come.  I've changed my password... AGAIN.  Good God, I hope this is the end of it.

I solemnly swear to never click random links again... PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE!!!

P.S.  If you receive a message about someone saying bad things about you... just do yourself a favour... DON'T CLICK THE LINK.


  1. Oh no.. poor you! I did receive this message. But when you are working quickly sometimes I can see how you can just in an instant open it up. It happens! I didn't open it thank goodness.

  2. Oh dear! I'm sorry to have been one of those friends-I didn't care that you were spamming me-I was concerned for you and your Twitter account honest!!!


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