Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mark's - Spring/Summer Looks for 2012!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an event for Mark's, formerly Mark's Work Wearhouse.  They're launching their Spring/Summer Look Book, and I was blown away by some of the clothes!

Mark's Work Wearhouse has always been a Canadian staple in our lives, however it used to bring to mind ideas of industrial wear.  In recent years, my mother and grandmother began shopping there more frequently, as the styles it offered were changing over.  They've always pushed me to take a look there too for myself.

As it turns out, Mr. Lock is huge Mark's Work Wearhouse guy.  Since dating him, I've now been to Mark's more often than I ever had before.  Each time, I've begun to notice more and more clothes for women my age.  Great colours, great styles, great quality and fantastic prices!

Getting to have a sneak peak at the new spring and summer looks was very exciting, and eye-opening about some of the amazing offerings at Mark's.  They've dropped the "Work Wearhouse" from their name, and I think that absolutely makes sense.  Here are a few of my personal pictures from the event, of a few looks or items I found intriguing...

I really love these dresses, and there were a bunch of other ones too that I could see myself wearing.  I think I'm going to Las Vegas in July, I'll totally be hitting up a Mark's store before then to try a few dresses on.  They even have CURVE-TECH™ built-in bras, which is SUCH a plus!  No worries over bra straps showing or being uncomfortable all day in a strapless bra!  These photos may not do these dresses justice (I'm working on my photography skills, hahaha), they're really cute though in person!

Such great shoes!!!  On the top shelf are these super adorable rain boots.  They're so stylish and come in really bright, fun colours.  I love the red peep toe shoes on the second shelf there... Dr. McVet would LOVE them (she's really into peep toe shoes, and they always look great on her).

This is one of the complete looks, I love the bright colours, the pairing of the spring trench with the capris, and the scarf.  I am SO into scarves right now, and I'll definitely be shopping at Mark's this spring to add to my spring collection of scarves.

I realize how much I sound like an advertisement right now, but honestly, there was no obligation for me to post this.  I was actually really excited over what I saw last week!  It's so different from the Mark's Work Wearhouse I used to know, and if you have the opportunity to browse through Mark's this spring, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised as well!  Plus, honestly, their prices are incredible compared to very similar products of other brand names.  They have a whole line of Yoga wear that feels like great quality stuff.

Oh, and lastly?  The coolest thing?  Check this out...

This men's shirt has built-in technology and WILL NOT show sweat stains.  The moisture absorbs and evaporates on the inside of the shirt, but the material does not let moisture through to the outer side.  It's also light-weight and very soft material.  For men who don't wear jackets over their dress shirts any more, as is the style, this is a great option and would cause so much less embarrassment over sweat stains on around the armpits!  I was blown away by this demonstration, haha.

All in all, a really great event to attend.  It opened my eyes up to what Mark's has become now in its 35th Anniversary year, and the direction it's headed.  When Mr. Lock wants to make his frequent trips to browse the store, I can honestly say I'll be zipping off to the women's section to find new clothes for work or play for myself!

I should have known that Mr. Lock would be right about the best stores out there... he has such fantastic taste, after all.  I mean, he is dating me!

Thanks so much Mark's for the opportunity to attend this event and see the new spring and summer line for 2012!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a great experience! I love the red peep-toe wedges, too : )

    Rayanne Langdon, High Road Communications (on behalf of Mark's)

  2. I think Mr. Lock likes to shop there because it includes his name. I mean, his middle name is Warehouse after all!

    (ps - I hope they still have those awesome flip flop slippers)

  3. I'm basically a MWW billboard. I'd say on average three of the pieces of clothing I wear each day come from Mark's. I'm kind of sad they're dropping my middle name from their store name, though.


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