Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

That white fence was not there last spring when Mr. Lock smacked his head into those cement blocks (he's 6'4", he wasn't paying attention).

(We were also on our way to an engagement party for Dr. McVet that day, he showed up a bit scratched up on the face).

(And then we had to stand around for a lot of staged photos as the wedding party).

(I lol'd). 

I wonder who got injured enough for them to finally baracade that dumb architectural design?  This is a fairly old plaza, so it's curious as to why this is there now!

This isn't too "wordless" at all.  Ah well.  It was something new I was trying, and I am NOT good at being wordless, just ask anyone who knows me IRL!

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  1. Could you ever be completely wordless girl?! ;) Love you!


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