Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Year Ago

It was a Monday, and I was about to drive home from work when Mr. Lock, my good friend of six years at the time, sent me a text.  "I forgot my skates in Toronto!  Oops!  No hockey for me tonight."  (That's not word for word, but close enough).  I think about how that means he's more local for the evening, and has no plans.  "Want to meet up for a movie?", I offer.  He replies, yes, and we make a plan to meet at a theatre in between our two towns to see the latest Harry Potter movie (since just the week before we saw a different movie and it came up that both of us hadn't seen the new Harry Potter yet).

I had a crush on my good friend Mr. Lock.  It had developed in the past couple of months.  I went through a rough break-up, and there was my friend, listening to me and being my shoulder to cry on or laugh with.  We had begun hanging out sometimes outside of our group of friends, just the two of us.  We'd been to the movies a few times.  I was feeling some sparks, but wasn't sure what to do about it.  All I knew was, he was single, I was single, and we were very compatible.  I was really beginning to wonder... what if?  What if this could be really good for us both to give a relationship a try?

He was actively dating, and while no relationship had stuck in a little while I knew someone was going to see him for the amazing person he was, and I was going to miss out because of timing.  I was so worried about that, the timing issue. 

Dr. McVet and I spoke about my little crush just prior to me going to the movies that night with Mr. Lock.  She confirmed something I'd been wondering -- he'd apparently been talking about me to Rick (her fiance at the time, now her husband), telling him something about having some feelings for me but worrying since my break-up was only a few months before.  Ever the gentleman, I didn't imagine he'd make a move any time soon.

I met Mr. Lock at the theatre, and we were enjoying the movie.  However, about halfway through all I could think about was how easy it would be to reach over, take his hand, and possibly change our lives forever.  I couldn't deny that I was sitting there, feeling an intense pull towards him, wanting to lean closer, wanting to rest my head on his shoulder, wanting him to know how I really felt.

Near the end of the film, with his arm so close to mine on the armrest at this point, I just went for it.  I think I whispered, "yeah... this is happening" and put my arm through his and took his hand.  I think we both froze like that until the movie ended, and then I felt panicked.  OH NO.  What do I SAY about THIS?

Well, we left the theatre hand-in-hand, sat in my car, and talked it out.  Yes, we said, we would like to try being more than just friends.  Yes, we both had developed feelings beyond friendship.

We began going on real dates, rather than those non-date dates we were starting to have in December 2010.  Though he didn't say the words to make me his official "girlfriend" until February, we then made the decision to take our "dating anniversary date" back to January 3rd, back to that Monday night at a Harry Potter movie, back to when I held my friend's hand and possibly changed our lives forever.

I love you, Mr. Lock.  This has been one of the greatest years of my life.  I am so glad you forgot your skates downtown a year ago today!  Happy Anniversary.


  1. Wooo greatjob! Congrats guys :D :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's been a year - how crazy is that?! Congratulations hon! I'm so happy that you are happy!


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