Monday, January 09, 2012

List-Making Monday

I am OBSESSED with lists, you guys.  I make To Do lists all day, and even as I scratch things out, I get all excited and pull out another notebook or piece of paper and re-write the list multiple times.  It keeps me better organized, because my memory is non-existent, and it caters to the writer in me that just likes putting a pen or pencil on paper.  I teach my students that list-making is a great writing form for them to do on their own -- it simply helps them practice spelling words and forming letters, even if they aren't ready for full sentences.  Even when my students are ready for full sentences, I start with list-making as our first writing unit every year because it helps them generate ideas for later Free Writing and Journaling time.

I'm translating my love of list-making to the blog.  Every Monday I'm going to write a list -- maybe it's a To Do list, a Link List, or maybe I'm going to pull an idea from my new fun notebook I just bought (another thing I loooove are notebooks -- laaaame, but I bet as fellow bloggers you JUST GET IT!  Or, so I hope.).

I'm loving this notebook -- it gets me writing at home, a hobby I love, and you can pick it up and add to it whenever an idea stirkes you.  There are so many list prompts in here, and I think they can translate well to blog posts as well (and lead to some fun interaction in comments as you add to the lists!).  (By the by, I just bought this myself at Chapters because I am in love with it, this isn't any sort of compensated review -- though if the creators of Listography want me to test out their products HELLO!  YES!  FIND ME, YOU!)(Ahem).

Here's a list to start me off...

Things To Do Tonight Before I Fall Asleep Early Because I was SO NOT READY For My Work Wake-up Time After Sleeping In For Two Weeks:

1) Go through my personal Facebook account and check all privacy settings (we had a Facebook 101 thing at work today -- yowzers!  I think I'm pretty secure, but I want to go through and double-check -- will probably write an entire post about this later this week and the implications of Facebook for teachers).

2) Finish January Calendar and Newsletter so I can photocopy and send it home with my students tomorrow

3) Complete some prep work for a Science final assignment the kids will be working on this week and next

4) Catch up on blogs to read and comment on, Tweets to Tweet, and blog networking to... network.

5) Wash a load of towels.

6) Empty dishwasher.

7) Remember to put on pajamas and brush teeth before I am down for the count at, like, 9 pm.

Squee!  Please, tell me I am NOT the only one who JUST. LOVES. LISTS!  Or, call me crazy.  Whatever!

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  1. I find if I don't write it down, it will never get done. Or, even remembered.

  2. Yes, I love lists, but does that surprise you?!

  3. oh I am all about lists! My husband teases me about it but I have always loved my lists :)

  4. I love my lists also. I always have as if no list it may not get done or bought or remembered..

  5. my hubby was a list maker when we first married and to my amazement, he'd always get things done. :) he stopped making lists a few years ago... I need to encourage it again... things need to get done around here!! lol ;)

  6. I love lists too, and the best is ticking off what has been done!


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