Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Blog Business: Facebook and KahootKids

Well, it's been an exciting Winter Break with the fun giveaways I've been able to take part in.  I'm so excited to be growing my blog a little more, and doing some reviews and giveaways can be really fun.  I hope that I'm also balancing enough Posts About Life though so that readers aren't bored by giveaways!  I am being conscious of what I post as much as possible to add that balance.  If you happen to see a giveaway here that you think your readers would like to take part in, feel free to link to my blog or re-tweet anything you see on Twitter.  Let's share the love!

I love blogging as a hobby, so I'm just thrilled to get back into it, to get my new pseudonym built up more so that I can continue to get out there as a blogger, but not compromise anything in my "real life".  It seems silly, right?  That I'm going a bit backwards when it seems that most bloggers are just using their real names nowadays.  The thing is, as a teacher for my day job, it just isn't something I want can do.  When you're a teacher, you are "on" 24/7 -- you have to be careful of EVERYTHING you do, because you're a mini public figure for the school you're connected with.  I work in a school of 900 students, that's more than 1800 parents or guardians who could be Googling my name.  Let alone that other teachers love to Google each other.  I don't do anything "wrong" online, but I'd just rather have my hobby just for me without needing to feel self-conscious about it.  I hope you can understand that!  Anything I post is the 100% truth, it's just with a slightly changed name behind the posts and photos that don't show my face.  That's not THAT bad.

I do want a Facebook account associated with my blog, however, because it's a better way to network and when doing product reviews they tend to like to see you on Facebook.  I will give you a link to my new Facebook account (and man, setting up Facebook is a pain, yo!).  If you'd like to Friend me, I'll Friend you back.  Not much happening there yet, but I will be associating it with my blog.

Here's the link!  I'm still fiddling around with everything, so you'll just have to bear with me a bit.  Glad to be able to network even more with any of my readers.  Do add me!

By the way, I also have my Friday post up at today.  Click here for that, it's just a good little reminder about what you should be doing with your children DAILY.  You should check out some of the other daily blog posts there, there are some great articles for parents on a variety of topics.  You can also stick around to look at the deals on the regular site.  Oh, and if you see some deals you like, then cilck to THIS POST to enter my contest -- I have a discount code for $50 that you can use at  The contest runs until January 16th, and the discount code is good until January 31st.

Thanks for reading, everyone who is.  I'm glad to get to know you, and I hope you'll stick around.  As I've said before, I think some exciting stuff really is on its way.  Add me to Facebook too!

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  1. I think it's fab that you're putting thought into your online persona, I wish more would!!!


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