Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Sitcom Group of Friends Does Christmas Fondue, Year Two

Last year, Mr. Lock and I decided we should have a party at his downtown Toronto apartment close to Christmas.  We were not dating, we were still just friends, but I had a teensy crush forming and was eating up all opportunties to spend more time talking with him on MSN and seeing him in person.  Though, I also already enjoyed that because we were already such close friends.

We invited our group - Dr. McVet and Rick were just an engaged couple at that point, Quin and Mac weren't engaged at all (didn't even know yet that Mac was thinking about proposing), our friend Tobey was dating someone he's no longer dating.  Mr. Lock and I were just friends. 

We all gathered at Mr. Lock's place, and it was a great party.  We made fondue for dessert, for the first time with our group, and a tradition was essentially born.

Christmas Fondue 2010
This year, we're having this new "annual" party (it's only year two, but hopefully this is a tradition that will continue) at my condo unit, as Mr. Lock doesn't live downtown anymore.  Mr. Lock's parents have had a fondue party with their friends for something like 34 years.  They do the whole thing - a cheese and oil fondue meal.  We're mostly intereseted in fun, chocolate fondue for dessert.

I love having these kinds of traditions with our best friends.  Dr. McVet and Rick are now married, Quin and Mac are engaged, Mr. Lock and I are dating, and Tobey is currently single but certainly gets out there so who knows what next year will hold for him.  My family has an annual Christmas gathering the Saturday before Christmas, I'm loving the concept of us having one the Saturday before that every year with this Sitcom-like family we've grown into over the past 8 years.  We also do New Years Eve together without fail, a tradition I'll write more about come New Years Eve this year.

34 years from now I hope we're still enjoying Christmas Fondue every December, and I am so looking forward to seeing what the next 34 years will have in store for us all.

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