Monday, November 07, 2011

It's that time again, Report Card Writing!

Hi team.

On Friday I have to print off and hand in my term one Progress Reports, for my principal to sign.  So, much like any other report card period I've experienced, I am finding oh so many great things to do OTHER than writing report cards!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not "far behind" on my work or anything; but I keep mixing working on reports with some method of procrastination too.  This past weekend I cleaned my condo like its never been cleaned before!  It's only a one-bedroom place, but I went corner to corner doing some reorganizing, tidying, and scrubbing.  I tackled my clothing drawers, filling a bag to send to Good Will, and reorganized my front hall closet and under-the-counter area in my bathroom.  I did tons of laundry, which forunately I have an ensuite washer and drier for.  I took my recycling down to the recycling room on the ground floor.  It was a lot of housekeeping, but I feel great sitting here tonight in such a clean place!

Except, now I've RUN OUT of cleaning-based procrastination activities, so I guess all that's left is to actually get these reports DONE.  Why is it that the minute there's mandatory work to do, nearly ANYTHING ELSE seems instantly so much more exciting?!

We write our end-of-term-one reports at the end of January, so I suppose I'll be living in a supremely clean condo again around that time!

I just keep telling myself, if I focus tonight and just polish these off, I can actually be finished well before Friday.  Time to get at it!

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