Friday, August 12, 2011

From Vacay to Sick Days, Part Three

I left off at our three hour drive last Wednesday.  We headed up to the cottage that Mr. Lock's parents have rented for years -- his whole childhood he can remember summer vacations for two weeks up at this cottage.  It was lovely!  We stayed there from Wednesday night until last Saturday morning.  It was so relaxing and peaceful after the busy, busy, busy few days we spent in New York.  A perfect holiday balance -- sightseeing and walking all over a new place, followed by laying low and relaxing on a dock at a cottage.

We had gorgeous weather all last week in both locations.  The only rainy day was our Wednesday travel day, which worked out perfectly.  At the cottage, I lounged around in the sun reading my book, and we swam in the lake, and went for a boat ride and fishing.  We also roasted marshmallows, and played a lengthy game of Trivial Pursuit.  Oh, and Mr. Lock and I totally beat his parents at Euchre!  Go team us!

It was a perfect holiday week, and it was sad heading home on Saturday knowing it was over.  Though, Saturday was busy enough in itself.  That night we had Dr. McVet and her Fiance's Stag and Doe, so we had to get ready to run events there.  It was a success, and I really enjoyed myself.

Until it was just about time to leave, when I suddenly had an INTENSELY sore throat!  I was confused -- I felt fine, and then all of the sudden, it was hugely painful whenever I swallowed.  By the time we got home, I had aches and pains and ended up falling into bed shaking, with Advil in my system to help me sleep.  Sunday, I had to come to my parents place to stay here for two weeks with my puppy while the family is on holiday.  I had to take Advil every four hours to get through Sunday, and Sunday night I barely slept because of running a high fever and having difficulty controlling my body temperature.

So, vacay turned to sick days.  I had to take Monday through Wednesday off from nannying, the days that were supposed to be my first days back after my holiday week.  My 22-year-old brother (who is also here with me, but who words shift work so is here at odd times) took me to the clinic on Monday because I couldn't drive myself, and the doctor said it looked like a throat infection so he wrote me up a prescription.  It took until Wednesday to start to feel a bit more like myself, though with a sore ear and some congestion remaining.  Finally, I returned to work yesterday and today I finished my antibiotics.  I feel a lot better, with just a bit of congestion and a stuffy nose.

Just in time for City Chase tomorrow... good thing I feel better!  Last year, City Chase was a pretty intense physical challenge!  I'm excited to do it again, but I'm worried about how tired I'm going to be afterwards.  I think Quin and I will take it just a bit less competitively this time around.  I'll update next week about City Chase, and how it all went down after this week of being sick!

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  1. I hope you know you could have called us for stuff like rides or grabbing stuff at the pharmacy... regardless of whether you were home or at your mom's.


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