Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Weeks Left!

You guys, three weeks from tomorrow is The First Day of School.


(I actually have my first meeting/day back at work two weeks from this Thursday.  And, even sooner, just a week from Friday, I'll be in my classroom finally setting things up!)

I had such a busy July, and it doesn't actually feel like summer has sped by tooooo fast, but now that we're only THREE WEEKS AWAY from school starting... and I'm thinking about everything I haven't done to prepare yet... ohmigod!  Summer feels like it's suddenly over!  I feel like I really, really need to get focused on the upcoming school year.

I'll be working at the same school I've been in for the past couple of years, but this year I'll be teaching grade two (after just getting the hang of grade one, of course), so I need to come up with all new first week of school activities (since I'll have seven of my same kids from last year and want to keep things fresh).  I'll be working with a whole new grade team, so there will be new dynamics to get used to... and I have an ENTIRE CLASSROOM to clean up and set up.  I won't be doing that until around August 26th and onwards... but it's causing me anxiety already considering how much stuff is just piled into my classroom right now in no order whatsoever.  I am also not sure yet HOW I want my classroom to look.

The overall set-up will happen smoothly once I get into the room again, of course, but for now just having it on my mind is making me anxious.

I was starting to think about school last week, once my vacation was over and I was finished my two AQ courses... but now it's really on my mind.  Last night I had my first "First Day Of School and I'm Totally Unprepared" nightmare of the summer -- which serves to remind me that the REAL first day of school is just around the corner.

Three weeks!  Oh goodness.  I'm excited, and just a wee bit worried over all the work I have to do to feel READY for the first day! 

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  1. You'll do great, just as you always do! And you'll have a blast once you're actually in your new classroom, setting up. :) Keep us updated on how it goes!


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