Friday, January 02, 2015

Goals for 2015

I am the worst with resolutions.  I like to try to come up with some, but I never really remember them.  I generally lead a life I'm happy with, though, so it really doesn't negatively effect me.  I will write down two goals I have for the beginning of 2015 anyway!

1.)  Painting our House/Decluttering

We will have lived here for a year as of February 7th.  This means we will be submitting one last report for anything we'd like our builder to repair before the 1-year anniversary.  We have some nail pops in the drywall and a couple of other little things, but mainly we've been happy with this place.  After the 1-year stuff is repaired, we would really like to paint the main areas of the house.  Builder's paint is very low-quality and gets marked up easily.  I'm also tired of the house being all the same, off-white colour.  It will be nice to paint and spruce up the walls, then finish some of the decorating we've been holding off on knowing we'd have to move things around again to paint.

Decluttering still needs to happen around here, too.  We have a huge pile of empty boxes in our basement that we just left there after we moved in.  Time went by pretty quickly and we never broke down the boxes for recycling.  We really need to work on reorganizing our space down there (it's an unfinished basement, but I'd like it to be a bit more organized for storage).  We also need to deal with some messy areas in our home office and guest bedroom (which has become quite the drop spot for things I just don't know what to do with!  Oops!).

2.)  The obligatory fitness goal.

I belong to Goodlife Fitness, and I've been proud of myself for going to the gym with my friends fairly regularly for the Body Pump class.  I really enjoy the class, and it is a great way to lift weights since I'm not confident enough for weight training without the guidance of a trainer.  Before my wedding, I was on a roll and was actually going to the gym 2 - 3 times a week (Body Pump, Zumba, and one more day just to go on the elliptical or treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour).  My goal is to get back to at least a regular twice a week gym schedule; but even better would be adding that third work out each week.  I would like to go to Body Flow (the yoga/pilates/tai chi class).  If I could do Body Pump, Body Flow, and an additional cardio work out I would feel really great.

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  1. I can't wait to see what colours you choose!!

    And ya....
    That fitness goal.... You did better than me. My plan is to get the gym schedule on Monday!! That's step one, right?


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