Monday, December 08, 2014

New Car!

I am getting quite excited!  While I am of course disappointed that I was in a car collision, a silver lining from the experience is that I'm getting a brand-new car this week!  I've never had a brand-new car, and Mr. Lock and I decided (since my insurance settlement for my car was quite decent) that we could afford to get me one I really like, and that's a slightly larger size than the two, small cars we had before.  We just feel it makes more sense to have a vehicle with some additional trunk space available, and if we are fortunate enough to start a family of our own soon it will be wonderful to have a more spacious vehicle.

We decided to go with a 2015 Hyundai Tuscon.  Mark has a Hyundai, and I really like his car.  The Tuscon comes with some great features (without even having to go to the most expensive trim level), and it was really comfortable to drive.  I've decided to go with a blue colour, as my previous car was gray and I just felt like a fresh start with a colourful change!

I should be hearing from the dealership tomorrow that the car has arrived, so hopefully I can pick it up in the next couple of days!  I am really excited to drive something so new, and to have heated seats this winter, and to be able to put a USB key of awesome music in my car to listen to on my drive to work!  It can be so fun to have something new!

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