Monday, April 22, 2013

Oops, missed the A to Z challenge AGAIN... however... I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!

So, whatever letters I missed... TOO BAD!  Big things have just happened!!!

It all happened last Wednesday!  Mr. Lock and I had to go up to the sales centre for the new build home we are purchasing, it was our day to "firm up" on our purchase (no going back now!).  Turns out, Mr. Lock had a very, very exciting surprise for me that day, too!

So, on our way to the sales office, he asked if I wanted to drive past our "pile of dirt" (our pet name for the lot our new home will be built on).  He knows I like to go by it every chance we have.  I said yep, and said I'd prefer to go past it on our way to the sales office rather than after.

Little did I know, Mr. Lock had gone up there earlier that day!  He took the day off work, I didn't know at all!  We arrived to our pile of dirt, and Mr. Lock said we should stomp around on it a bit.  We got out of the car, and near the sign with the lot number, there was this rolled up blanket.  I honestly thought someone was throwing their garbage on our property!

Then, Mr. Lock began to unroll the blanket, and I was very confused... I saw plant stems, and said out loud, "Oh man, they are throwing away old plants!".... then I saw more of the unrolled blanket, and said, "Oh.  Wait. Those are really nice roses.  OH MY GOD I THINK I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO!".

Then I looked at him, and he was pulling a ring box out of his jacket...


He got down on one knee, had time to say "Will you marry me?", meanwhile my hand was already out in his face and I was already saying, "YES, YES, OH YES!".

So, we have now been THROWN into wedding planning, let alone finishing up this house buying stuff!  LOTS suddenly happened -- what a MONTH April has been!!!!  Trying to blog every day, and then NO blogging time!  Aaah! haha.

I am just SO impressed that he was able to surprise me.... I had NO idea it was coming!!!  I thought maybe he'd propose by this summer... we are buying a home together afterall... but he did a fantastic job taking me by complete surprise!  Turns out he was ring shopping well before all this house buying stuff began happening, so that was all just a happy coincidence.

So, this was all VERY, VERY exciting and suddenly I am overtaken with the fun of celebrating being engaged, and planning a wedding -- we need to find a venue a.s.a.p before places we like are booked up for 2014.

Squee!!!  ENGAGED!!!!  WHEE!!

My ring...


  1. Ooooo......I'm screaming and jumping up and down for joy :) I'm so excited and happy for both of you! What a beautiful ring - I love the second side shot of it.

    And...I guess you're forgiven for the A-Z posts - you've been a rather busy lady!

  2. Wow!! This is the best news !! Congratulations!! The ring is beautiful!!

  3. Just stopping by from the a-z challenge. This was a lovely post! Congratulations on your new house and your new fiancé. :)


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