Monday, April 08, 2013

G is for... Grateful

I am feeling a little under the weather tonight -- mostly just sleepy on this Monday evening after a busy weekend, but also a bit of a headache... so this will be very short.

For the letter G, I am saying the word "grateful" tonight.  I am so happy and settled in my life right now, and there is some great stuff on the horizon.  I am grateful for my large and loving family, a family that raised me to be a very inherently good person who is also full of goals and the drive to achieve them.  I am grateful for my very good friends who are like a second family to me.  I am grateful for Mr. Lock who makes me feel so loved even in the simple moments of our time together.  I am grateful for my good fortune and happy life.  It's just nice to reflect every now and then and remember the good, and then be thankful for it and continue to work towards deserving it.

I'm grateful, for my life and the people who make it as wonderful as it is.  Thank you, all.


  1. What a lovely post :) Short, but sweet. I too had a headache - the rain maybe?! Hope you feel better today!

  2. What a lovely place to be.
    Being grateful can be hard but it brings great peace.
    Off to read some of your other AtoZ posts


  3. That's truly a wonderful feeling and state to be in!
    Visiting you via the challenge!


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