Friday, April 05, 2013

E is for... Eggs 'n Toast

This is a short one today... I'm a bit exhausted, and so very busy!  Keeping up with a post a day is already tiring, BUT also makes me feel good!

E is for... Eggs 'n Toast!

I have mentioned it on the blog before, but I am not the cook of the condo.  Mr. Lock is an awesome cook, and he takes care of the majority of our meals (I know, I am SO, SO lucky!).  He cooks a nice variety of foods, doesn't mind making my favourites even if they aren't as rich as he may like to flavour them, and he BAKES too!  Yeah.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!

The big joke around here is when there's a night I have to fend for myself for dinner.  I'm not a disaster when it comes to cooking... if I have a recipe and some confidence, I really do cook perfectly delicious things.  I just don't enjoy it.  So, my go-to meal when I have to dine alone?  That's right, eggs 'n toast.

Eggs for dinner was always a popular meal in my house growing up if we were having a lazy, "anything night" for supper.  Scrambled eggs were usually what my mom made, sunny side up if my grandma was making them.  I tend to make sunny side up for myself, so I can dip my toast in the yolk.  I enjoy scrambled, too, though if I feel like doing something really fast and easy.

So, as we head into the weekend... if you are having a lazy, "anything night" for dinner... I always recommend my classic: eggs 'n toast.  Have some raspberry jam on that toast, it's perfection.

Oh thank goodness for my in-home chef saving me from my boring meals most nights, I am sooo lucky ladies!

What is your go-to meal for a quick 'n easy dinner?


  1. It's good that you know and appreciate how lucky you are. Hold on to your cooking man. Toast for dinner is light and satisfying, but I prefer strawberry jam.

  2. What a fun post. I enjoyed every morsel. Eggs are wonderful. I'd have to have fruit because I don't eat bread.
    See you at 'f'.

  3. I absolutely love Eggs and Toast - a standard around here!

    You and me too - I don't love to cook, but ask me to bake and I'm ALL over it!

  4. One of my faves... eggs on toast yum!
    Good choice :)



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