Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Some Nice Thoughts on a Friday Evening

The sun just came out after a rainy, grey day.  What a lovely way to kick off the weekend!  I'm home from work at a reasonable time tonight, it's Friday, fantastic.  I haven't been blogging very much lately because school began, and I have been exhausted!  September is so busy, but now that we've completed our first two weeks of the school year... well.. things are looking up.  Teaching a 3/4 combined class is the most work I've had so far as a teacher, but I am enjoying it and am collaborating often with my grade team, so it's going well overall.  The kids are learning the routines, and it gets a little easier each day.  Phew!  Fortunately my extreme exhaustion is ebbing, and I'm able to have a normal evening at home for the most part.

As soon as the blue sky came out, I felt like listing some happy thoughts this Friday.

1) Yay!  I'm writing a blog post!

2) I've had so many successful interactions with parents -- a meeting yesterday led to a parent saying that the Principal reassured her in June that I would be specifically a good choice of teacher for her son because of the social-emotional well-being that I emphasize in my program.
My bouquet from Quin's wedding day!
3) Last weekend Quin and Mac tied the knot, and everything was absolutely perfect for their big day!  My first experience, and possibly only, as Maid of Honour is complete.  It was fun, I'm happy for them to continue their life together and enjoy being Husband and Wife.

4) Mr. Lock and I have purchased a KING SIZED BED.  WOOO!  Right now we sleep in my old double bed... it's just way too small, Mr. Lock is not a tiny dude.  We are so excited about our new bed investment, I cannot wait for tomorrow night!  Hooray!  There will be so much personal space!!!

5) Tonight Mr. Lock and I are off to dinner and a movie with the newlyweds!  I'm always happy when I get to see any subset of our Sitcom Group of Friends!

Well, lots of happy things going on.  I'm in great mood tonight, I love being back in the classroom, it's a good time of year!  Should be a great weekend, peaceful and fun!  Enjoy yours!


  1. I am loving the looks of those cupcakes!!! Wow!

    Great post - thanks for the update!

  2. Yay! Thanks for being an awesome MOH! :)


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