Friday, August 03, 2012

Becoming a "Norwexer" {Review}

I am so excited about some new products I've purchased -- yes, purchased.  This is a product review, but it was for products that were recommended to me, and that I purchased myself.  I just love them so much I want to write about them, haha.  Is that rare in today's world of blog reviews?  Oh well!

I have been using Norwex cleaning cloths for a couple of months now.  I wanted to give them a good try before writing about them, so I could share how I really felt.  Well, I am just in love!  I ordered a starter set of items from Norwex consultant Mandy Kuelz (visit Mandy's Green Vision to order for yourself!).  I ordered the "Household Package" which includes an antibacterial microfiber EnviroCloth, an antibac Window Cloth, the antibac Dusting Mitt.  I ordered an additional EnviroCloth, the dishwashing liquid, and the Power Plus laundry detergent.  Mandy was so sweet, she included a Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth with my order to review.

Cleaning the windows!  Streak-free shine!
Well, this is LOVE, people.  Absolute LOVE!

Mr. Lock was totally on board with ordering and using these cloths because he is not a fan of using chemical cleaning products, and he'd rather just wipe the kitchen and other areas down with a cloth and good old fashioned water -- these antibacterial microfiber cloths are the perfect compromise between my desire for antibacterial cleaning and his desire to not use chemical cleaners (a desire I've been feeling more and more on board with myself).  The dusting mitt is AMAZING, our condo tends to get very dusty and our dark furniture is no help in hiding it.  With the dusting mitt, the dust clings so well and doesn't just fly back up in the air only to land again seconds later.  This is a BIG DEAL to me, as one of my personal pet peeves is watching the dust settle back down as soon as you finish wiping a surface.  My Norwex dusting mitt?!?! -- THE BEST.

I love you, dusting mitt.
I've gotten great use out of the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth, and am so grateful to Mandy that I have one now!  It is regularly used to wipe my fruit, and I like that it has one abrasive side and one softer side, it works wonderfully to remove dirt and debris, and I often use it to gently dry fruit I've just rinsed off with water -- and I then have less of an environmental impact because I've stopped my terrible practice of ripping off a small piece of paper towel to dry my washed fruits and vegetables (I know, I was terrible before, I am changing my ways, honestly!).

Blurry shot, but oh well.  This is the fruit and veg scrub cloth in my kitchen!
When I am using my Norwex products I feel more eco-friendly, healthier overall, and inspired to continue looking for ways to eliminate harsh chemicals from my household cleaning routine.  After a few months of cleaning my kitchen exclusively with a Norwex antibac EnviroCloth, I can report I feel totally safe from food bacteria and that my kitchen is coming out clean and spotless with such a low environmental impact!  I'm also saving money over time, now that I've stopped having to purchase cleaning products.  What a win!

The EnviroCloth, pure magic!
Essentially, everything I've ordered I love to use.  I'm going to be contacting Mandy again, because I would like to include some more Norwex products in my life -- including the smaller sized travel pack of EnviroCloths, as when I was recently travelling I realized how awesome they would be to carry with me!  I am drooling over the catalogue right now!

If you would like to contact Mandy and become a Norwexer too (and you really should), you can visit her website: Mandy's Green Vision , or find her on Twitter: @_greenmandy , or on Facebook: .

I do also need to send a shout out to Amanda from, as she was the one who inspired me to get started with Norwex products.  Thanks so much, MTM!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout - you don't know how happy it makes me that you are using and loving Norwex products!!!

  2. That cloth looks amazing! I have heard such great things about it and the company in general.

  3. My family use it too.

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