Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!! #TGCBB

Today my great country celebrates its 145th birthday!  Hooray!!

I didn't get quite as many posts written for The Great Canadian Blog Bash as I would have liked -- that's the end of the school year for ya!  It was BUSY for me last week!  I am happy to report that I'm officially on "summer break", woo!  I do need to go back to the school for a day to finish the final clean-up of my classroom (moving stuff to my new room for next year), and to file my student records... but then I'm outta there until the end of August!

For Canada Day, Mr. Lock and I are taking it easy.  We are going to go to my parents house, and just relax and enjoy their backyard pool.  It is such a beautiful, sunny day!  We are going to enjoy a BBQ with my immediate family for dinner.  I'll be sure to wear my Canadian-themed flip flops that I got from Old Navy a few years ago (little red maple leaves all over them) today!   What are your Canada Day plans?!

I am so proud of the country I'm from, we are such a wonderful, multicultural, peaceful and polite country.  We are so accepting of differences, and we welcome so many people from so many different walks of life into our arms.  I am very proud to be a stereotypical, polite Canadian, eh?  I certainly use the word "sorry" way too much! ;-)

I used to know this whole commercial off by heart, and I still love it to this day...

Enjoy this day, Canadians, and have a nice long weekend with your family and/or friends!

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