Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome Mark's Product I Have to Brag About!

So, I'm fortunate at times to get to preview some of the collections from Mark's (formerly Mark's Work Wearhouse).  I've already written about them here and here (oh how I do love that sweater!).  I seriously love their store and have for quite some time, and Mr. Lock shops there A LOT...well before I was ever approached to attend any of their events, he was already decked out head to toe in Denver Hayes, haha.

So, before we went to Las Vegas we were naturally shopping at our local Mark's store, because I wanted Mr. Lock to find a few nicer polos or dress shirts to wear out and about on our vacation - God love him, but his typical wardrobe consists of funny t-shirts, and every now and then I like to force him to dress up a bit.  Fortunately, when I suggest Mark's as a shopping stop, he's on board for looking around, and is pretty open to trying stuff on.

The one thing I absolutely HAD to push for him to buy were their "Don't Sweat It!" brand of dress shirts.  Like many people, especially men, Mr. Lock does tend to sweat a lot (hence why he often likes to wear t-shirts before anything else - winter months included!).  We went to a wedding in May, and after a few drinks during the midday, outdoor cocktail hour... well.. he had really soaked through his dress shirt under his suit jacket.

Sweat stains on a typical dress shirt!
... okay, honestly, this was kind of funny. But anyway, this was an extreme case (suit jacket, hot sun, many lovely beverages), however it does illustrate a common problem for a lot of men!

So, we bought one of the Don't Sweat It! shirts and took it with us to the desert that is Vegas, and Mr. Lock was quite pleased with how it worked!  I was pleased too, haha.

The stylish, Don't Sweat It! shirt from Mark's, being worn in Vegas.
Now, this was another extreme case -- we were in the heat of Las Vegas, in July.  So, when Mr. Lock didn't show any sweat stains on his back... well, that's a big success!  The shirt has technology built in that does not allow the wetness to show through to the outside of the shirt, as the breathable fabric quickly absorbs perspiration.  Again, being an extreme place there was one flaw we noticed...

Pit stains!
Yes, there were still armpit stains.... but typically Mr. Lock would have those stains ALL OVER his dress shirt in this type of heat, so it was still considered a success.  We might advise Mark's to review how it works at the arm pits, but we figure that in more typical summer weather here in Canada, this shirt will do wonders for Mr. Lock in helping to show a lot less sweat than his other dress shirts.  We are still MAJORLY impressed!

So, this was a super cool product and I'm glad I was introduced to it and was able to encourage Mr. Lock to give it a try.  If you've got a man in your life with similar sweat issues when you go out dressed up, then you might consider looking into the Don't Sweat It! shirts at Mark's as well.  Heck, just pop in to your local Mark's and look around in general -- they are renovating and updating their retail locations, and it's really great to see progress like this by such a great Canadian company.


  1. I love Marks! They are my fav company to shop for clothing! Those shirts sound incredible.

  2. Do you have any more posts on your husband, his shirts, and caring for them etc?


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