Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday we had a wedding shower for Quin and Mac that had a particular theme.  It was a "Wine & Recipes" shower.  We asked guests to bring a bottle of wine or spirits to help "stock the bar" of our bride and groom to be, and in the envelopes with the invitations I made I put two recipe cards so that guests could also bring some favourite recipes for the couple to try.

It was a really successful event, I loved seeing which recipes were passed along.  One of Mac's cousins was very funny and she put a little notebook in with her gift of wine that said, "The 'I'm-too-tired-to-cook Book".  Inside she hand wrote addresses and phone numbers to various restaurants around their new neighbourhood, and there were even pages with "Mom" written on them - one with Mac's mom's contact information, and one with Quin's mom's contact information!  It was quite hilarious (okay, okay, I'm jealous of the wit!  It was amazing).

We collected the recipe cards into a box I had bought for the couple (the recipe cards I mailed out matched the box).  Of course some recipes were brought typed up on paper, though Quin could choose to write them out onto recipe cards to fit the box later if she'd like to.

It made me consider the way I store recipes.  I'm not that fantastic of a cook, though if I do have a recipe to follow I do enjoy making dishes.  I don't have a particularly great way to store recipes though.  I like having recipe books on my shelf, and once I bought a recipe card box with sets of blank cards because they were really cheap in a sale bin and I thought they were cute.  The other option I have is a little binder that you slide recipe cards into, which was also found quite awhile ago in the same bargain bin as the recipe card box.

In the end, I tend to look recipes up online mostly... and then just keep my laptop nearby as I make them.  I just can't figure out which ONE system for recipes is the best for me!

I'm curious what you do about recipes.  Recipe cards in a box?  Typed recipes in a binder?  Everything stored electronically?  Do you only use recipes from particular cook books, and then otherwise have your favourite dishes memorized?  Let's discuss!


  1. Oh my goodness, back in the day, it was so much easier. Recipes were either in cookbooks or on cards and that was it. Now there are so many places you can get recipes!

    I have a recipe folder in my bookmarks for online recipes. There are subfolders for the different kinds.

    I have a recipe folder on my desktop for typed out recipes - they are all organized by type.

    I have an old fashioned recipe box and I have a recipe accordian folder for cut out recipes (individual pockets/folders organized by type).

    Over time, I tend to remember which system I can find a recipe in, but once in a while I get stumped and search in all of my "hiding places".

  2. Obviously, I am in love with my new little recipe card box! I also am really digging Pinterest for my recipes (yes, I realize you don't like Pinterest haha). I pin the recipes I like and then I have my Recipes board and click on the yummy looking pictures of my saved stuff and the recipe is right there!

    Of course, I have yet to actually make anything but it sure does look creative...


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