Friday, June 22, 2012

Disney/Pixar's BRAVE opens today!

There's a new movie in theatres today that I really think you'll enjoy.  Yup, YOU, any of YOU who are reading this right now!

The movie is Disney/Pixar's latest hit, Brave.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to a pre-screening event, and let me tell you -- this movie is a winner!  It is so entertaining, and tells a great story.  It has everything you've come to expect from Pixar - amazing animation, with such crisp and vivid images.  As the director himself said at the event I attended, the beauty of the textures of Scotland are captured  here in computer animated form.

The plot is very funny, and also touching.  It isn't predictable.  I must not have heard much about the plot before I saw the film, but I was surprised all the time by where the story was taking us.  It was really, really enjoyable! The characters were strong, and well-developed.

For so many years now we've all been enjoying Pixar films, and I truly think you will add this to your list of favourites.  There are some dark and slightly "scary" scenes, so parents should use a bit of caution and perhaps this film is best in theatres for children over age 8 or so.  Just be advised, for parents of more sensitive children, that a few scenes get a bit loud and scary.

If you don't have any kids, GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT AWAY ANYWAY!  Like usual, this Pixar film is meant for everyone out there.

Please enjoy this "Behind the Scenes" featurette as well!  I got to see a Q & A with direct Mark Andrews, and it was so interesting!  I hadn't realized that Pixar films are all written completely within the Pixar family, they take years to create because they do not buy options or scripts the way other movie studios do.

Anyway, it's a great movie.  Just go see it!  Really!


  1. I loved this movie! I believe you are right about your age range for viewing this movie!

  2. My daughter and I saw this cute show and really loved it! Thanks for the review!


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