Monday, May 28, 2012

Last 5 Weeks

It's my last five weeks of school.  It's SWELTERING HOT in my classroom, and I am so uncomfortable.  Before, I was actually a little sad and wistful over the ending of this great school year... but this heat is making me ask for time to SPEED UP.  Let's move on, let's get out of the hot, hot, school!

I'm going to have to be very creative on teaching in places other than my second floor classroom, because I am so uncomfortable (even with two fans, windows open, lights off).  Ah well, I'll power through.  The kids are handling it better than I am!  Sheesh!

So, what do we do in the fifth-to-last-week?  Well, I begin to panic over report card writing... which I've only just barely begun (seriously, I've only done a bit of organization stuff but no real meaty writing yet).  I scramble to do a few more assessments I need to do.  My class is also beginning their final research project of the year.  I also begin to panic, looking at the mess of my classroom, over the fact that I will soon need to clean up and pack up EVERYTHING... as I'll be changing classrooms in the school again for next year.  I know that once the kids help me clear out all of their stuff, it won't be SO BAD to pack up the rest of my own stuff... but right now, it's daunting.

So, five weeks to go and the theme right now is: AHH! PANIC!  LOTS TO DO!

I'll survive, I always do, but that's the general feeling right now.  Assess!  Report!  REPORT!!!  And get out of the HEAT, OMG!

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  1. Oh, I remember that heat it is NO fun walking around soaking wet and not able to breath - poor you, poor kiddies - learning can't happen to easily in that environment!


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