Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Expanding my Food Horizons

I am so impressed with a couple of new food items that I absolutely loooove right now.  I can credit Mr. Lock, as well as a salad lunch group at school, for opening up my palate to these new items!

The first, is quinoa!  I had never tried it before, had no clue how to make it.  I was completely flabbergasted (great word, we should say "flabbergasted" more often) over the whole idea of it.  Then, Mr. Lock's mom served a cold quinoa salad one evening.  I loved it!  She served the quinoa with spinach, feta cheese, tomato and cucumber mixed together.  It was so yummy!  Now I totally love quinoa, and luckily it is often brought for salad lunch group so I can continue to try it and enjoy it then.  Mr. Lock and I have made it for ourselves once, and I'm so impressed by how MUCH you make with so little ... and how versatile it is!  It's so healthy too!  Go quinoa!  (It's also fun to say... quinoa, quinoa, quinoa!).

The second new food  item I now LOVE... is avocado (also a fun word)!  We didn't have avocado in my home growing up, though I knew I liked guacamole dips.  Mr. Lock is quite a big fan of avocado, but I didn't like the taste of it when I did have a chance to try it a few years ago.  However, I decided to give it another go.  Well, I can say it was an acquired taste... I would just have a little bit with my salad lunch... then a little more when Mr. Lock set some out for wraps or tacos... and next thing you know?  I LOVE IT!  I love the texture, I love the taste, I'm beginning to spread it on thicker when I have it in a wrap or eat a larger chunk of it when it's in my salad.  Again, another healthy food (in moderation, I'm sure), and boy am I glad to like it now!  Though, it is a bit of a finicky fruit as far as making sure you have a "good one" goes.

Mr. Lock is a great cook, and really enjoys being in the kitchen.  I'm the type who only prepares the basics for myself.  I'm so glad he's expanding my food horizons, and I am so interested to see what other new food items he'll inspire me to enjoy next!

Do you like to try new foods, or are you a bit of a picky eater?

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  1. I am a relatively picky eater in the sense of the word, but the rest of my family is much worse! I need to find a good quinoa recipe - I don't love it, but because it is healthy I do eat it.

    Avacado I've never loved, wish I did.

  2. Pshhhaw, I made quinoa salad first! :P

    I hope you never get into McDonalds pickles though lol ;)

  3. Quinoa is great! I came across it in the late 90's when I went through a stint at being Vegan. I had a recipe for quinoa pilaf that my whole family loved. Interesting food.


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