Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason Why I Love Dating a Friend (And So Should You!)

As you might recall, I was friends with Mr. Lock for about six years before we decided to date.  I think this is a HUGE FACTOR in why we "work" so well.  Here are some reasons why YOU should date a friend (if-you-find-yourself-single-and-ready-to-mingle-and-your-friend-is-into-you-too!).

Reasons Why You Should Date a Friend (If-You-Find-Yourself-Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle-And-Your-Friend-Is-Into-You-Too!)

1) They already know The Crazy... they've been around, they know your fears and anxieties, hopes and dreams.  Heck, they read your old blog for many years, more than your ex-boyfriend did!  They choose to either accept The Crazy or help you learn to deal with The Crazy in an understanding manner, or else they wouldn't choose to date you back in the first place!

2)  You already have the same group of friends -- hooray!  Sure, there are other friends to meet (co-workers, friends from Back In The Day, such as elementary school years), but since your other main group of friends from The University "Best Years of Our Lives" Days are all the same folk... well. It sure is easy to feel "accepted" by the group!  Furthermore, there's no grumbling when invited to events with those crazy folk... because they are equally both of your crazy folk.

3) Those same mutual friends were super instrumental in one member of the relationship taking a giant leap and forcing encouraging the relationship upon the other relationshipee... so fortunately, those mutual friends can play matchmaker and tell you what the other person is saying about you behind your back.  SO USEFUL!  SO CONFIDENCE BUILDING!  ADULT CRUSHES PLAYING OUT LIKE SIXTH GRADE, SQUEE!

4) Parent acceptance can be pretty easy if your mom already quite liked said friend and was pushing you to date him, knowing-he-was-single-too, even before you had time to let the tears dry from your huge break-up!  Well, you don't have to worry about parent introductions when the So-Called "New" Boyfriend has used your parents pool, cooked in your parents kitchen, and slept on your parents basement floor after various parties over the past bunch of years!  Plus, you know mom approves when you are freshly single and she's making suggestions such as, "Perhaps Mr. Lock is looking for a new roomate, you could ask him if he'd like to rent a place with you", or "You should ask Mr. Lock to be your back up!  You know, if you both aren't married by 28..." (Yes, TWENTY EIGHT, not FORTY.  Tactful, Ma).

5)  You were already hanging out a bunch and you know you have similar interests.  You both like similar TV shows and movies, as well as love playing board games, and you know this because YOU ARE ALREADY BUDS.

6)  You already stayed up until 3 am on work nights chatting away on IM.  There wasn't much else to learn about each other, thus knowing that your "crush" was much more than a "crush"... because you already know the person inside-out and love who they are oh-so-much!

7)  You already like-like them, friendship-style.  Then you add the romantical stuff and find out it works quite well for you both too?  Well.  That sure is like-like leading to love (Garfunkel and Oats reference for the win!)... it even deserves a less-than-three. <3

I'm just so happy in my relationship, and I think Mr. Lock is too... there's still interesting things to discover about one another, but it's so nice to have background knowledge and a positive starting point, knowing how much you like talking with one another and being with one another.  Plus, we'd already go to all these big life events together (mutual friends weddings, New Years Eve Fancy Dress House Parties, etc)... we might as well do them as official dates!

If the option is there for you, date a friend if you find yourself single!  I highly recommend it.  (Oh, and see if you can find a friend who is also a great cook -- then you're REALLY set!).

Love you, Mr. Lock, big time.  You're quite the catch, but I knew that even when we were just friends.  So glad you've turned out to be the Chandler to my Monica. :-)  (Cheesy FRIENDS reference HAD to happen).

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