Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dog Sitting

This week and next I'm staying at my parents house to dog sit while they're on a holiday in South Carolina.  I love my pup, she is turning 6-years-old this Friday.

Chelsea, up at Rick's cottage a couple of summers ago!
Fortunately, my 23-year-old brother is living here too.  He's been really helpful, taking Chelsea out for an afternoon walk while I'm at work.  This is a HUGE help, because I otherwise feel very stressed about getting out of the school building fast enough to be home early.  Dogs are definitely a huge responsibility, and one that I'm not as used to now that I live in my own place.   It's a big difference too, going from a 4 minute commute (from my condo to my school), to a 30-40 minute commute to my parents' house.  I used to commute from here everyday, but now that I've been living elsewhere for over a year -- well!  I certainly got used to the shorter drive.

I used to never be able to stay home alone here, even as an adult.  My anxiety would flare up so badly at night. The one thing I love about having the dog around is that I can be here alone at night, and feel comfortable.  For that reason alone, I think I'd like to have a dog my whole life (once I'm back in a house rather than a condo).  When the dog is calm, I am calm too.  I just feel safer too, and even the distraction of having a pet to care for helps keep the anxiety at bay.  I'd like to have a dog for other reasons too, but honestly this is a big reason for me.  Having a dog around is definitely an anti-anxiety strategy of mine!

So, for two weeks it's me and Chelsea Bun, and then back to the condo.  While it's a bit of a pain to be here, I do love this puppy so!

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