Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brain: Mush. Job: Busy.

I've been so lame about blogging lately, let's just get that out there.  It's been BUSY for some reason lately, I just haven't wanted to be on my computer too much in the evenings after a tiring day at work.  My class is phenomenal this year, but I'm working really hard all day... my down time involves me lounging around my condo, reading or catching up on TV, and hanging out with some friends.  I still love blogging as my hobby though, so I know I'll get back into it.  Eh.  For now, I'm just not feeling it as much!  Yipes.  There is some good stuff happening though, like my latest giveaway for American readers... so do keep coming by!  I will try to be more on top of things.

I'm dealing with some emotional stuff with some of my kids at school.  Nothing too crazy, but I have a few kids who need a lot of extra attention throughout the day, plus I'm trying to stay coordinated with their parents, and setting up parent meetings and getting the parents to listen to the concerns... and take them seriously... oh man. It is a challenge, and it is exhausting.  Plus, on top of curriculum stuff, I'm planning additional activities to deal with one student who has anger management and negativity issues, another I'm certain is ADHD, and a third child who just last week began presenting some severe anxiety issues.  This is all the stuff I became a teacher for, I love working with kids with social-emotional needs even more than teaching academic curriculum... but it takes additional planning and extra concentration, and my brain turns to mush by the time I get home!

This week for my Friday article at KahootKids.ca, I'm writing a post that deals with something I feel parents really need to know about when a teacher presents concerns about a child.  I will link to it when it goes live Friday, but in case you weren't aware I'm writing there all about special education over the next little while.  If you're at all curious about it from a teacher's perspective or if you have questions about anything related, I have a minor in Educational Psychology, as well as a degree in Primary and Junior Education, along with additional Special Education qualifications... do feel free to ask me questions.

So anyway, my brain is mushy by the time I get home.  However, I am always so pleased that my job leaves me so satisfied each day.  I really do believe I'm changing these kids lives for the better, and nothing is greater than that.

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  1. Teaching is a VERY emotionally demanding job! Make sure you take care of yourself. I can't wait to see your Kahoot Post!


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