Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick Day

I suppose the insomnia was leading up to something, ended up taking a sick day today.  Typically, I try to push myself through to the weekends... as booking a supply teacher and preparing the classroom is a big chore.  I also don't like to be away from my students, as we always have so much to do and I like to continue it from the day before as much as possible, rather than leaving activities in isolation or without enough back story so the supply teacher continues the lesson properly.  Anyway, booking supply teachers is a lot of work is all I'm saying.

However, I just needed the extra day of rest this week.  First, I didn't sleep well at the start of the week.  Then, Tuesday night, I got a pain through the back of my neck and up into my head.  All day at work yesterday I had a stiff neck and was just generally tired and uncomfortable.  I bit the bullet, prepped for today, and booked it off.  I was able to sleep in, and while I am stuffy and congested, my neck is a lot less stiff.  I've been tired and blaaargh today so I do believe it was worth it to take the day off.  Sometimes it's just necessary.

I was able to be productive this afternoon.  I did the classroom newsletter and calendar for April, and began preparing some things for upcoming wedding showers for Quin.  We just booked a trip to Las Vegas for the beginning of July, and we'll be doing a fun Bachelorette night there.  It's eight of us going to Vegas - 4 guys, 4 girls, all in the wedding party.  We're so excited, and most of us have never been there before.  There's lots happening (and already booked) this summer for Quin and Mac's September wedding, I can't believe how fast time is flying in 2012.

I mean, seriously, it's APRIL on Sunday!?  I don't know how we got here so quickly.  School ends three months from today!  I'm going to miss this great class of grade two students so much.  I'm really enjoying my job this year.

Well, I'm going to go have some supper and fold some laundry and then rest again for the evening.  I plan to be back at work tomorrow, after taking today to recoup.

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