Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movie Review: The Descendants

***Spoiler Alert:  Minor plot spoilers, though I try to dance around them rather than say them?  If you've read a summary or seen, and understood, the previews than there won't be any spoilers for you.***

To continue my quest to see some of the Best Picture nominees for the Academy Awards, my mom and I went to the theatre last night to see The Descendants.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this film, I wasn't really 100% clear on the storyline, and had it in my head it would be a sad, depressing film.

I'm very glad to admit I was wrong about that.  There is a sad storyline to it in a way, as the mother has been in a boating accident, though I think you'd find it sadder only if you had a personal experience that it reminded you of.  Making a more personal connection to the sad part of the film would make it infinitely more depressing, because you'd be remembering your own sad experience and would probably not be able to let that go.

Being that I've never experienced what this family does (KNOCKS ON WOOD) I found only parts of the story sad, and the rest was just a good movie that told a good story.  I only teared up twice, and I was expecting to cry more than that.  It was the perfect balance of touching, believable scenes mixed with humour.

The actors all did a great job, I was impressed with George Clooney.  Blown away?  Not by any means.  It was a good job, though.  He played his character in a believable way.
If you're looking for a film to see that tells a good story with just a touch of sadness to it, then I do recommend seeing this one.  I suppose it could be a contender for Best Picture, but I'm not sure.  

This year, I'm finding the films I've seen out of the nominees are all just good stories, but not that exciting or creative.  Perhaps The Artist will win best picture just because it's creative?  I haven't seen it, but I don't know what to think this year!  It's too bad I was only able to catch four of the nine Best Picture nominees, maybe next year I'll be more organized and I'll be able to see more.

Now I think I'll go back to watching other movies just for fun, like The Vow and Big Miracle... totally want to see those!  I'm loving this movie kick I've been on lately.  Just one more week until Oscar night, by the way!

2012 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees (in order of Seen, Likely to See Someday, Might Not See):
The Help  (SEEN IT, love it!  Best Picture, though?  Not sure the Academy would think so.)
Moneyball  (SEEN IT, it's okay...totally not anything more than a story, not Best Picture, kthx.)
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close  (SEEN IT, very good, has potential for Best Picture.)
The Descendants (SEEN IT, quite good actually!  Maybe potential for Best Picture?)
The Artist
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life

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