Monday, February 13, 2012

Counting Down to New Glasses Month!

Lately my glasses have been driving me absolutely NUTS.  I’ve worn glasses since I was four-years-old, and every time I’m due to get a new pair, I DO.  I have astigmatism and I’m near-sighted, and I’m practically blinded by blurriness, essentially.  I’m finally coming up to my next eligible eye exam period, to be covered by my health plan.  April can’t come soon enough, as far as my eyeglass issues go!

Since moving near Richmond Hill, Ontario I’ve considered getting an eye exam there.  There’s a location called Optical Eyeworks not too far from me.  I like that it’s open until 7 pm every Monday to Friday, and has Saturday hours.  That makes it really accessible.  They also seem to offer complimentary eyewear tune-ups even if you didn’t buy your original glasses from them, so I may need to venture over to Optical Eyeworks and check them out. 

I’ll probably scrap the idea of a Richmond Hill eye exam, though, because I’ve been with my same optometrist for so long.  He’s only about 25 minutes away from me by car, and I feel a sense of loyalty to his practice.  I’ve never had an eye exam done by anyone but him in 22 years of wearing glasses!  The one thing I will do this year, which I’ve also never done before but have wanted to for awhile, is ask my optometrists office for a copy of my prescription so I can order myself a pair of back-up glasses or prescription sunglasses from somewhere other than my optometrists office.  Every year, I’ve bought my glasses immediately following my appointment, but I’ve heard – and seen – that there can be much better deals elsewhere.

All I know is, I’m sick of my current pair and the way they feel heavy on my ears by the end of the day and just generally drive me NUTS!  I will be so excited in April when I can finally get something new, and you can bet I’ll be searching for really light-weight frames.

If you’re a glasses-wearer like me, do you get as excited as I do when you’re able to get new frames?!  I’ve had them offer to just put my new lenses in my old frames and I have ALWAYS said NO!  haha.  I’ve never worn contact lenses, by the by, always just had a regular pair of glasses to wear every day.

Disclosure: Optical Eyeworks approached me and asked if I’d include them in a post on my blog in exchange for a gift card to their store.  Everything I’ve written is my own opinion and contains true facts.  
I'm very interested in visiting their store to see what they offer, and am glad to have found out about them.  I REALLY WANT NEW GLASSES, YO!  C'mon APRIL!.  

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  1. My optometrist is right across the street from you. :) I don't give him very much business, but I think it's great to be loyal when it comes to services (as opposed to being loyal to products, which I find silly).

    Happy Valentine's Day :) XO


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