Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Sitcom Group of Friends Has A... Tea Party?

Mac Facebooks us: "Hey friends, we had a blast having a wine and cheese night.  I think we should have a tea party."

 Um, Yes Please!

We're 26- and 27-year-olds... Not 6- or 87-year-olds.

 So I made sure to wear my Coffee Pong t-shirt.  To, you know, keep things real. (We just pretended it was Tea Pong).

We drank a lot of tea, played a bunch of board games, and had good clean fun.  Might I recommend a tea party for you and your friends?  No matter your age!  You can always put beer in your teacup if tea isn't know... cup of... well, tea.

Right, Rick?


  1. Where did you get your adorable tea cups?! That sounds like SO much fun and holy Teaopia box!

  2. Love, love, love those tea cups!


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