Monday, January 23, 2012

A List of Reasons for Why my Students Wish it Would Snow

Today was a VERY rainy day here in my area of Ontario... very rainy.  It's been wet and recess time has been pathetic for the kids in our school.  We had an indoor recess in the morning, and then a "pavement only" recess in the afternoon -- because the field is pretty much a giant, wet, mud pit.

My students are so bored without snow this winter!  When we went to our outdoor education field trip last week, all they wanted to do was play in the snow.  It was thrilling for them to SEE snow, since it has been so mild this winter especially in our little pocket.  We were really lucky to get a snow experience last Thursday.  For the kids, this rainy blah winter is just so boring!

A List of Reasons for Why my Students Wish it Would Snow:

  • To be able to go back up onto the field area and have more space during recess
  • To be able to make snow angels
  • To be able to build snowmen
  • To be able to go sledding
  • To be able to go outdoor skating
  • To be able to feel the winter clothes we make them wear anyway have a purpose
  • To stop being covered in mud!!! (Maybe this mostly matter to me!)
What do you think about the crazy, rainy weather this winter?  Are you living in a place that actually has SNOW, or are you (and the kids in your life) as annoyed as I am by this mild and inconsistent January?

I'm not really a "snow" person per se... but when winter hits, I like to have proper winter weather!  I am Canadian, afterall.


  1. oh we have TONS of snow- the ground has been covered fully since October :). I can imagine the kids would get pretty bored of rain & mud though! Ick!

  2. I am with you! It is tiring having to wash the kids coats and snow pants because they are covered with mud. My kids had tarmac recess today, but it is very limiting. I just hope we don't get wintery weather right to the end of March, when we are looking for spring

  3. I feel like we don't live in Canada! LOL

    My daughter had indoor recess all day.

    All I said to her other than I love you as she got on the bus was "And stay out of the mud!"

  4. This winter has been strange and the number of times I've washed my kids winter gear is killing me.

  5. Those are all really good reasons! Poor kids! We've had enough snowy days to get in some tobogganing and build a snowman so no big complaints here! I'll wish for some white stuff for you & your class!


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