Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have no title, umm, I'm a Tired Teacher

You guys, I am exhausted.


I seem to be battling a cold of some kind that I cannot shake.  I'm all tuckered out, and congested.  I'm drinking fluids, taking vitamins and additional vitamin C, drinking tea.. blargh.  Anyway, it's making my brain pretty scattered too.  I thought of a whole bunch of blog posts today, and now that I'm home at my computer I cannot remember a single idea!

This first week back at school has been pretty good, other than this cold.  My students have been behaving quite well following the break, they were eager to jump back into routine -- as kids usually are.  I just have to be honest, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday anyway. hahaha.  I love my job, but oh em gee, I am tired.

Here's a funny "overheard in grade two" quote from this week.  My kids went off to music, and later their music teacher came to me because she just had to tell me this story.  She said that she was asking the kids what they did over the holidays, and one student said they travelled to New York City.  

Another student, the one who is the youngest in my class but has an old soul, chimes in with this:  "New York!  That's where dreams come true."

He just turned 7 on the second last day of December.  I heart him, he's a little old man and it's adorable.

This post is completely random and not well planned, but sometimes that's what blogging is... a stream of consciousness.  And my consciousness is barely conscious, so it's pretty realistic right now.  I'm a little like, "sleep now, yes."

Anyway, do you want $50 for ???  I have a giveaway, ends at 12:01 am on December 16th... and it's very low entry right now.  Come on over and enter it, yo.  Tomorrow expect a post about my  experience at the pre-screening of Beauty and the Beast -- it opens in Disney Digital 3D in theatres everywhere tomorrow!  Oh, and tomorrow there'll be a new post up by me at the blog, so tomorrow will be a better day for this writer.

Eh..... sleep now.  Yes.

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