Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Miss This

I want to be better at blogging more regularly again.  I was so into it, and then when I made my new blog... I just seemed to have less time or less interest in blogging.  I often miss doing it, and miss participating in the blogosphere like I used to.. but then I just don't make myself come here and type.

I'm going to really try harder to be a Blogger again, though.  No one really reads my blog but me and maybe a couple of friends, but I still like to do it, and even for the records of my history for myself I plan to keep this up.

What's the update right now?  Well, let's review a few things.

My grade two class this year is stellar.  They are hardworkers, and while some of them need a little extra help or attention now and then they aren't really any major behaviour problems.  Hallelujah!  Last year was a different story, so I am loving this.  Grade two is a great year to teach, the kids are just that bit more independent.  I'm finding that I've really found my love for teaching again this year, I'm feeling super passionate about it and I keep working away at new ideas for improving my program nearly every day.  I've been very on the ball about assessment and keeping up with my individual students' needs so far this school year.  It's been phenomenal, and so very busy!

Home Life
I am still loving my condo!  I am so glad I moved here.  It's just how I want it to be.  I am most likely going to email my landlord soon about renting for another year.  I am finding that I'm calling and visiting my parents back "home" a little less as I settle in to adult life living here.  We still stay in touch throughout the week and I try to see them once a week or so, but I also definitely see myself as finally more of an adult, and I think my parents do too.  It's all around going really well, and life is just how I want it to be.

Mr. Lock is just so awesome.  We have such a nice time together.  He's a great cook, for one thing, and often comes over through the week and helps me (or just does all the work, hahaha) prepare great meals, some of which make excellent leftovers for work the next day (my favourite lunch is leftovers!).  Everything continues to go well between the two of us from my perspective, and I'm pretty sure from his as well.  Dating a best friend has turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I've ever made!

I promise to be back a little more frequently than I have been!

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