Monday, September 19, 2011


On Saturday I was a bridesmaid for the first time ever. One of my very best friend's, known here as Dr. McVet, got married.  She and Rick (as he'll be known on this blog, I don't think I've used a particular pseudonym for him yet) were together for nearly eight years, engaged for the past two and a bit.  I had actually gone with Rick when he did his initial engagement ring shopping.  It was so exciting going through the planning process of their wedding with them, and now we've blinked and the whole event is over!

It was a gorgeous day.  Cool, but sunny and clear.  Everything went incredibly well.  It helps when the bride and groom are easy going, because it doesn't make for much drama at all.  Dr. McVet looked stunning in her wedding gown, and all the details made the venue look just perfect for the occassion.  The tall flowers you see in the vase in the foreground of the next photo is what our bridemaids bouquets were.  The photo below that is of the small cake for "cutting the cake" and the delicious cupcakes, which we were able to take home if we were too full to eat them there (smart plan!).

Everything was just perfect, and the most important thing was that the bride and groom loved their special day - which they absolutely did!  We all had SO MUCH FUN being involved in this wedding, and the actual event was just amazing, though of course it felt like it went by way too fast.  A sweet ceremony, a fun dinner with excellent (short! yay!) speeches and a funny slide show by the bride's father, and then an epic dance party.  I'm so excited that the first of my best friends is married, and I'm eager for Quin and Mac's wedding next September, which is my first opportunity to be a Maid-of-Honour.  It's that wedding phase of our lives, and I love it!

Congratulations, Dr. McVet and Rick!!!  It was such a amazing day, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!!


  1. So beautiful! I love the venue, with it's rustic feel. It was the perfect place for her to get married. :) (And you know what, I probably could have been there since the school has put off calling in the language consultants until October. Arg!)


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