Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Friend Fluffy: Greeting Cards for Cat Lovers!

Two weeks ago I was able to get together with a very good friend, who grew up here in Canada but who is currently living in Italy (how exciting!).  Her name is Heather, and it was so wonderful to see her after over three years since she's moved away.  We went out to dinner with Dr. McVet and another friend of theirs from elementary school, and on the Friday she joined us for dinner and karaoke out for my birthday.  She also reads my blog (Shout out! Hi, Heather!), which has always kept us nicely connected across the distance between Canada and Italy.  

During Heather's visit, I was able to connect her with a friend of mine (Multi-Testing Mommy - great reviews and giveaways on her site!).  Heather has become an entrepreneur, you see, and we’re hoping to drum up some business for her so that it can really take off!

Heather has begun to design greeting cards.  Super adorable ones, featuring Fluffy the Cat.  You can find her facebook page here:  My Friend Fluffy on Facebook.
Heather sells her adorable, original cards via a site on GreetingCardUniverse.com, a link to her online store is here:  My Friend Fluffy on Greeting Card Universe.

The cards cost $3.00 and they ship out of the USA.  The shipping fees are reasonable, and there are often deals for American customers on the site (free shipping deals, for example).

I just received my first order of My Friend Fluffy greeting cards, and they came packaged so well that there was no way any of the cards could be bent or wrecked.  They are printed on a nice quality glossy card stock, and the envelopes are durable as well.  The images print so crisp and clean, and I can’t wait to start using Heather’s cards for upcoming special events!

If you’re looking for adorable, original greeting cards for a cat lover you know, you should DEFINITELY check out Heather’s creations.  Bookmark her site, or “like” her Facebook page, because she’s often adding new card designs.  Please also send her link around to friends, if you know they are cat lovers!  I also have her button up on my Blog sidebar, which takes you to her Greeting Card Universe online store.

You can also find Heather on Twitter, @myfriendfluffy7 .

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  1. Yay, I'm so happy the cards finally arrived! I am always very impressed with the quality as well. They're a really good company to deal with (though I wouldn't mind trying to print the cards on my own once I am more established and experienced). Thanks for posting such a lovely post about me!! :) Heather